23 years on the Carolina Panthers' roster

Long before there was a stadium, a coach or a single player – LGA helped bring a new NFL expansion team to the Carolinas. Then for the next 20 seasons, we continued to help the Carolina Panthers with their advertising and branding efforts. Most recently, we worked together to develop the #KeepPounding campaign that has become a cultural phenomenon as it spreads across the country.

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30 years of experience
with the enthusiasm of a startup.

We view each day as a chance to help our clients and agency excel. We take on challenges and opportunities in the same way – with great tenacity and purpose. This “let’s do something great today” spirit hasn’t waned in over 30 years. If anything, it’s getting stronger.

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Advertising, digital, public relations, media planning and social media aren’t just departments at LGA – they’re building blocks to create something bigger. When any of us comes up with an idea, there’s an integrated team that will help bring it to life and make it grow.

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