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Welcome to LGA. 15,224 square feet of room for brands and people to grow.
It has desks and conference rooms and windows. And while it has walls, there are no boundaries. Ideas aren’t held to one discipline or two. They can go where they need to go. Be shaped into what they need to be.
There are no limelights or spotlights for stars on pedestals. However, there are always a few lights on because good ideas and talent refuse to sleep.
Clients are comfortable here. And it has nothing to do with the chairs in the conference rooms. It has more to do with our people and the culture they’ve built. This is an environment of can-do, what-if and let’s try. It’s a place for thinkers, problem solvers, believers—achievers. We operate on a philosophy of trust and aim to be a company of great character. We think hard. Work hard. And will always be relentless stewards of our clients’ brands.
We know the importance of place – the value of having a strong culture. So for 29 years, we’ve strived to build a place where talented people and great brands want to come. Thrive. Grow.