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LGA Helps Novant Health Secure National Coverage of Innovative Diabetes Program

August 14, 2012

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Renee Henson, left, a diabetes nurse educator, shows Celeste Roundtree the best location for pricking her finger for blood glucose monitoring. At right is Dr. Adrienne Evans, the physician who diagnosed Ms. Roundtree with prediabetes.

After more than two months of interviews, photo shoots and persistence, LGA helped Novant Health secure richly deserved national recognition of an aggressive early diabetes diagnosis and education initiative.

An Aug. 14 story on the front page of The Wall Street Journal’s Personal Journal section, plus a separate story leading the WSJ Health blog, highlight a Novant program that has identified nearly 4,000 patients in its 13 hospitals who have diabetes but didn’t know it. Journal assistant managing editor and health columnist Laura Landro interviewed seven Novant physicians, diabetes educators and patients to capture both inpatient and outpatient parts of Novant’s “search and rescue” mission to detect diabetes early and counsel patients how to make lifestyle changes to avoid devastating complications.

In addition to national exposure for Novant, the coverage put a spotlight on an alarming national health epidemic. One in every three American adults are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, yet many don’t realize it because the debilitating, potentially deadly disease often shows few early symptoms.