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Novant Health TV Spots Tout Patient-Centered Health System

November 15, 2013

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LGA teamed up with Pogo Pictures in Atlanta to create two 30-second television spots that focused on the way Novant Health used communication to improve the patient experience. Already a uniquely patient-centered health system, Novant Health empowered their patients even further by making it easier for them to talk – really talk – to their healthcare providers. After all, when patients can share their needs quicker and easier, the delivery of remarkable care is faster and easier, too. 

That’s why the first of the two new spots, directed by Ben Callner, was titled simply, “We Hear You.” The need to be heard is a universal human desire. And patients can tell when their doctors have listened and when they haven’t. So, the spot highlighted how Novant Health was offering new ways to communicate with them (ex. the MyChart app), extending office hours to accommodate hectic lives and work schedules, and adding video visits as an appointment option. None of that would’ve happened if Novant Health didn’t listen to the people receiving that care.

But is listening really all that rare for a health system? You’d be surprised to learn that the answer is, “yes.” And yet listening is only half of the solution. The other half involves actually making the improvements, which is why they chose to highlight video visits in a 30-second TV spot titled, “More Time.” Today, you really can have a video visit with your doctor online. That is an improvement Novant Health didn’t just talk about – they actually went out and did it. Talk about remarkable healthcare.

Click here for the first TV commercial and here for the second.