Jarvis Holliday named senior digital content manager

December 12, 2016

Luquire George Andrews has promoted Jarvis Holliday to senior digital content manager.

Since joining LGA in October 2014, Jarvis has quickly developed a reputation as a talented writer, a creative self-starter and someone who is always searching for the best way to boost business for a client.

Never shy to take on several projects at once, Jarvis took over ownership of day-to-day planning and editorial development for VisitNC.com. You’ve also likely seen his work appear on websites like CharlotteSports.org and BelkBowl.com.

Jarvis is always looking for new ways to create visibility for clients by developing fresh content for native advertising campaigns, shaping custom digital content offerings for state tourism partners and working with the creative and client service teams to implement an in-state photo network.

“Jarvis is incredibly deserving of this new role, and we are confident he will seize every chance to learn, grow and create new opportunities for our clients,” said Gretchen Voth, vice president and director of content strategy at LGA. “Everyone who has worked with Jarvis knows he is thorough, conscientious and a ton of fun to be around. He brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the team.”

Jarvis says he is excited to expand the impact of his work moving forward at LGA, and to continue striving to shed light on new possibilities for clients.

“The last two years have been an invaluable experience,” he said. “I could not be more excited to take on more responsibilities and continue to develop content and strategies that we believe will serve our clients well.”

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