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Good ideas start with open minds and can take root anywhere.

Advertising is still about the idea.


In today’s marketing landscape, there are dozens of ways you can advertise. But whatever path you choose, it all starts with an idea. An idea created where the consumer need and product benefit intersect. LGA teams know how to uncover compelling insights and bring them forward in amazing, creative ways.

Know your consumer

Tell me something I don’t already know. That’s what consumers want. To do that you need to know them inside and out. Only then can you find a way for your brand to fit into their lives.

Find your consumer

It’s a two-screen world, and more often than not, a third screen is interrupting the others. Finding the media that not only will target consumers, but also get their attention, is a must. Our media specialists plan and place media across all screens – with creativity and impact.

Create relationships

The days of set-it-and-forget-it-campaigns are over. When you start a conversation, you need to be there when consumers start talking back. Increasing awareness and trial is great. Creating relationships is better.

Digital capabilities are one thing.
Digital expertise is another.


Do we do websites, display, social media, community management, mobile and e-blasts? The answer is yes. Are we fluent in UX, content strategy and responsive design? Absolutely. Our capabilities are on trend and our process is proven. It’s not enough to just be in the digital space, you have to be effective. We bring value to brands with digital by making sure it’s useful, findable, measurable, easy to use, up-to-date and on strategy.

Design with data

It’s not enough to look good. Design must be done with user and function in mind. We build with content and strategy first. Then layer on design that draws you in and keeps you intrigued. Analytics inform us of our progress and we optimize as we go.


A website is never done. Consumers want content and your content is your brand online. The right SEO helps them find you in organic search. And if they want to know more, you need to be there providing the experience they desire.

One site everywhere

Building a site that works across all devices is a necessity these days. If consumers can’t find what they want where they want it, they’ll give up quickly. Every site we build incorporates what we call responsible design. Developed and tested to work everywhere it needs to.

Public relations is not what it
used to be. It’s more.


What we do targets broader audiences than media alone, and happens faster, across more diverse outlets and influencers – monitored daily for understanding, sentiment and response. But it’s still about storytelling, relationships and engagement. LGA’s skills at media relations, community relations, blogger relations, internal communications, reputation management, crisis communications and events ensure clients directly and consistently show the people they care about who they are and what they stand for.

Media Relations & Media Training

Given the speed that news is reported and shared, it’s more important than ever to develop and stick to a strategy and key messages before doing interviews. LGA’s trainers are media experts and include former journalists who help clients see their stories from the audience’s point of view, not just theirs.

Crisis Communications

People judge organizations by the way they first respond, which needs to be faster than ever today. Immediate, clear communications can make the difference between a crisis that’s contained and a catastrophe. LGA helps clients “tell it first, tell it fast and tell it yourself” so they maintain or regain control of their story.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Collaborating with legal and investment advisors, LGA develops the strategy for M&A communications long before a transaction takes place. It’s about how and when to tell employees, customers, partners, communities and media to ensure smooth transitions, favorable publicity, continued loyalty and productivity, and increased interest in the new organization.

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